Interspecies Cannibalism (2017)
Lecture, essay, and performance instructions

Cut me open and tell me what's inside
Bring Me The Horizon, Avalanche, 2016

This project aims to be a broad exploration and critique of the term cannibalism and its implications in a multispecies world.

The term cannibalism [1] is and was mostly used to describe cases of anthropophagy. To analyse it, we will call this case intra-specific or intra-species incorporation [intraspezifische Einverleibung], always considering if this act was or could have been consensual and was practised by a moral agent. Consequently, we find a term to describe the feeding of one species on the other – inter-specific incorporation, which can never be consensual. I am reframing the old concept of cannibalism as a morally reprehensible act of infringing western standards of eating, aiming a modified term (interspecies cannibalism) at the group who created it to distinguish itself from others.  

[1] This term has a complex history and its origin in colonial power structures. It is also used today by conservative media to label white individuals who consumed human flesh, see e.g. the case of Armin Meiwes, called the “Cannibal of Rothenburg” or “The Master Butcher”. 

Poster Series for Lecture, 2017