Closure of Openings
  • Design Research
  • Illustrations, Collage, Essay
  • Time: 2020

Project on the aesthetics of animal transport trucks, integrating design research and human-animal studies. This project explores how the industry often curates, distracts from, or prevents human contact with farmed animals, especially evident in the design of animal transport trucks. It delves into how both animals and humans exploit these structures, originally created due to their shared potential and interconnectedness (Verbundenheit). This focus highlights the critical intersections where the hidden realities of animal farming become most apparent, revealing the complex dynamics of human-animal interactions.

Published partially in: Dreier, Pascal Marcel. “Closure of Openings.” In Tiere und Migration, edited by Jessica Ullrich and Frederike Middelhoff, 183–88. Tierstudien, 19 (2021). Berlin: Neofelis, 2021.