Pascal Marcel Dreier


“If, however, one avoids the linear, progressive, Time’s-(killing)-arrow mode of the Techno-Heroic, and redefines technology and science as primarily cultural carrier bag rather than weapon of domination, one pleasant side effect is that science fiction can be seen as a far less rigid, narrow field, not necessarily Promethean or apocalyptic at all, and in fact less a mythological genre than a realistic one.
It is a strange realism, but it is a strange reality.”

URSULA LE GUIN, The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

Pascal Marcel Dreier is an artist and academic researcher based in London and Cologne. He focuses on art and (artistic) research, with a special focus on ecologies, industrial agriculture, activism, and popular aesthetic phenomena. He does so by exploring the boundaries of art practice and artistic/design research; utilising, contextualising and reflecting ethnographic methods, or exploring methods that lie outside of established disciplinary circles, such as digging. Furthermore, Dreier contributes to academic discourses through peer-reviewed articles, conference talks and discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and teaching.

In the winter term 2022, Dreier will be teaching Artistic Design at the University of Siegen, as well as at the Köln International School of Design (KISD) as a guest lecturer. 

Dreier received an MFA with distinction from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and continued his research at the MA in Art & Ecology at Goldsmiths, University of London with a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.


Dreier is co-founder and director of the NGO TRACES — Studio for Creative Investigation gGmbH, which is based in Berlin. He is a fellow of the Multispecies Studio at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, a member of Minding Animals Germany and the German Society for Media Studies (Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaften). 

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