Design Research
Illustrations, Collage, Essay
"Closure of Openings" examines the transportation practices in the animal industry, with a focus on the structures of in/visibility and interaction of non-human animals being transported on roads.
The industry views its remaining openings as a weak point in their black box. Its closure is driven by several reasons, one of which is the consistent separation of humans and the animals they consume and exploit.
This visual study looks into the patterns and textures of these transporters and considers them not only as a symbol of the disappearance of non-human animals, but also as spaces of interaction between species – openings that are exploited by pigs to get into contact with the (virtual) world.

* Dreier, Pascal Marcel. Closure of Openings, in: Jessica Ullrich, Frederike Middelhoff (eds.): Tierstudien Tiere und Migration [Animal Studies: Animals and Migration] 19/2021. Berlin, Neofelis, 2021.